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Cabling identification and testing, Cat 5e, Satellite dish & aerial Installation - Crowthorne

A customer of ours based in Crowthorne Berkshire had purchased a house,  the previous owner had wired the property but none of the cables had been terminated or labelled nor was there any real understanding of the topology of the cabling.

Our task was to identify test and label all of the Category 5e points and coaxial connections around the house. We also needed to route an additional dual satellite feed to the front room and make use of the existing cables that we had previously identifed.

As part of these works we installed a larger satellite dish - a zone 2 dish which allows the collection of more signal and  therefore enables the signals to be sent further around the internal cabling as well as reducing the chance of rain or snow fade in very poor weather conditions.

We cut in new flush patress boxes in the walls to mount any loose cables into before terminating and testing.

The aerial that had been installed was a poor performing unit that barely worked, we supplied and fitted an amplified digital aerial specifically designed for poor signal areas, the customer now has 120 Digital channels which he was very happy with.

The customer ended up with a through understanding of his cabling technology that was fully labelled and tested.

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