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OM3 Multimode Fibre optic campus Design cabling termination & testing

Crown Estate Windsor

OM3 Multimode Fibre optic campus cabling Instalation and termination

March 2015

Our client in Windsor great park has constructed a new Bio engergy plant

The new buildings being spread over a campus required connections back to the main IT datacentre communications room.

As part of this project we were asked to design and commission multimode fibre optic links between 5 buildings on the campus.

The OM3 Lose tube fibre optic Multimode cables were installed into underground ducts between the buildings. At the termination point the cables were direct polished as an LC connector into patch panels. Within the BMS panels of the bio energy plant and in the pump room we terminated the cables into DIN rail fibre optic enclosures  and mounted them alongside the building management system interface panels.  All fibre optic cabling was OTDR and loss tested.  

When using LC connections it's our recommendation to generally  terminate pairs as a crossover, this allows IT technicians to use the fiber optic links in a similar way as an RJ45 would be patched. this method  helps  eliminate the need for checking polarity of optical connections. When patching Fibre optic always ensure the leads are cleaned.

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