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Case Study

School OM3 Multimode Fibre Optic Network installation Crowthorne Berkshire

We were approached by a local school who needed a high speed fibre optic cable infrastructure installing over the summer holidays

The scope was to connect 15  IT cabinets across the campus back to a central distribution point which housed the network Core Switches.  We specified an OM3  Fibre optic cables that would Support 10 Gigabits per second. 

The school had already obtained quotes from other companies but none had met the schools expectations with regards to technical know and expertise in this type of installation.

The Backbone fibre optic cabling needed to be installed through a combination of existing underground ducts,and in addition to this we created new overhead catenary routes to support the cabling where no underground routes were available.  Where possible around the outside of the building we added additional conduit protection to the fibre cable to help prevent against damage.

As well as completing the fibre optic inter building backbone cabling, we also installed a number of wall mounted IT cabinets and installed a floor standing cabinet in the place of a wall mounted unit where the existing cabinets had become full to capacity

We Installed approximately 100 additional Category 5e cablles to a number of areas as part of the project. 

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