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Installers & Maintenance of Building and Campus Backbone LAN SAN IT Cabling Infrastructures

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Backbone IT Cabling

We install and maintain LAN and telecoms backbone cables of all types. 

Backbone cabling infrastructures are generally a star wired point to point cable toplolgy and distributed on copper and optical fibre.These cables run between seperate buildings and telecoms rooms.

Often multimode and singlemode fibre optics are used for the inter comms room links and in network LAN & SAN environments where high bandwith and high densities of ports are required but often copper high speed cat 5e 6 or 6a can be used as well as or instead of especially within a common building footprint.

Here are some of the cabling examples we install for our customers

Panel - Panel links copper or fibre optics, used between racks,  between between floors and inter building can be back to the central distribution patching frames in data centres & comms rooms or wherever required.

Switch host looms for distributing switch or blade ports into other racks to save on patch leads between rack - a neat way to keep patching away from the switch infrastructure. Helps create and environment when critical active infrastructure kit can be swopped out quicky and easily.

Fibre optic MPO & MPT- preterminated Data centre focussed very high density optical fibres.

Traditional Voice links - called CW1308 come in pair counts  from 10 - 100 pair generally but cables of 200 pairs are not uncommon and we have  1000+ pair cables in very large telcoms infrastructures  - used for transporting analogue voice grade circuits around  as well as ADSL ISDN and genertally low speed protocols. 

We are able to offer manufacturer backed 25 year warranties on our preterminated and backbone cabling installations

Backbone cabling can also distribute Access Control and Buliding management systems, CCTV.

We undertake cabling installation projects through out the South of England.

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