We supply & Install Category 6a Cabling systems to a high standard for Office, Commercial & industrial customers. Our expert team of surveyors and installers are ready to discuss  your requirments.

Category 6A (Augemented category 6) or more commonly called Cat 6A cable, is the evolution of cat 6 cabling to a higher bandwidth of 500Mhz and more stringent paramaters for testing perfomance. Category 6A' s improvements maily focus around the improvement of Alien Croasstalk (Alien cross talk is the interference on adjacent cables on each other).   This cabling system supports all of the IT Ethernet Network protocols that Category 5e and 6 does,  it can also be used for 10Gigabit Ethenet  (10GBASET) over 100m. 

Category 6A cabling systems are used to ensure 10Gigabit Ethernet runs to its absloute best - Ideally suited to Data centres, Server Farms, Storage area Networks, high performance clusters as well as office work station environments

Category 6A just like the other categories of cabling and is backwards compatable with Category 5e, and 6,   when using category 6A it's our recommendation that the manufacturer matched leads are used to ensure best performance. 

For total future proofing of your IT cabling look to install a Category 6A solution

 Installing at Cat 6a Solution is for organisations looking for future proofed network infrastructure and often used in Data centres alongside high performance fibre optic infrastructures. 

Cat 6A the debate rages on to go shielded or unshielded in order to reduce the alien cross talk from other cables - bear in mind that in a Cat 6A unshielded solution you cannot mix and match protocols when 10 Gigabit ethernet is present  on adjacent cables.  

We are able to offer manufacturer backed 25 year warranties on our Cat 6A Systems in both Shielded and Unshielded varieties.


Tips for patch leads - we always recommend installing an unique wraparound  label on the Cabinet or rack patch leads for larger installations to aid with tracing out leads where dense patching is present,  start at 001 and well who knows where it will end up.

Patch panels - traditionally patch panels started at the top and worked down - more modern designs incorporate banks of patch panels intersperced with active equipment - this design makes the patch leads a more similar length and distributes patching across the rack  face more evenly .

Use deeper patch management bars of 100mm for Cat 6A to make up for the fatter cables - helps preserve performance and make life easier.