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We install terminate and test, most multimode and singlemode LAN and WAN  fibre optic cables as well as fixing broken, damaged or cut cables.

We can direct polish and terminate fibre optic cables, or use our fusion splicers for high volumes of terminations.

We can terminate on site any field terminatable type optical fibre interfaces such as LC ST SC FC.

Our professional experienced team has worked in a diverse range of environments such as schools, offices, factories & mission critical data centres, hospitals and military establishments.

We undertake a wide variety of installation and maintenance works on fibre optic cables, ranging from small moves and changes to complex solutions even fibre optic cables to the desktop.

We can repair broken cables on site, polish ends inspect clean and test all forms of optical fibre systems.

We can offer complete fibre optic solutions or just provide engineering resources to help with your project.

If you are in any doubt about the quality or performance of your fibre optic cabling please get in touch.

Underground Fusion Splicing Fibre Optic Enclosure

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