As part of our network cabling installations we supply and install high speed managed wireless networks in all environments such as offices, Schools, Commercial & industrial premisies.  Our expert knowledge  allows us to survey and deploy effective reliable wireless networks saving money and time. 

The WIFI access points can be installed Internally or externally providing coverage acorss large areas. 

The enterprise grade system we use can be deployed as a single point or can be scaled up to almost any size and all controlled, managed and upgraded from a single free issued piece of software located on a physical or virtual Hosted  ( cloud)  based device. 

The wireless network entry level connection speeds are around 300mb/s but we can provide cost effective office WIFI networks at speeds of over 1Gb/s.

  • Offices 
  • Shops
  • Commercial & Industrial 
  • Multi site installations centrally controlled & managed 


Wireless network access point Berkshire