We are experienced in the installation of Digital TV aerials and solving common reception issues, we  provide all the necessary coaxial distribution cabling and equipment,  digital TV aerials are used to recieve Freeview terresestrial TV services.

We also fit extra TV points and sockets to existing aerials and can distribute sky box outputs to other room via the coaxial cabling.

The aerials we fit  can be wall, chimney or mounted inside the attic, we provide distribution amplifiers to  boost the signal from your existing aerial as well as providing specialist aerials for areas of poor reception where required.

We distribute the signal to as many rooms as required and  can provide extra TV sockets and points as required throught the property. We can often make use of existing cabling.

All of the installation and aerial alignments are checked with our digital signal meters during installation to ensure the best possible reception, we always use the best quality of Digital approved cabling and components available so you can be assured of trouble free reception for years to come.

If you have a HD Sky Box or other HDMI Source you want to share between other rooms we can help out with that as well check out the HDMI distribution section.