If you need a flat screen - plasma, LCD or LED television mounted, this is a service we are happy to complete.

  • Mount your screen on any type of wall - Brick, Concrete, Stud Walls, Dry lined walls.
  • We can either surface mount cables or chase them into the wall and re plaster. With stud walls, cables can be fed through wall cavities. We can also build false walls to hide cables and equipment in.

Outlet Wall Plates

We use different wall plates depending on how you want us to finish the job, either a type where all of the cables are presented on a plastic or metal faceplate with all the connections ready to be plugged into, or we can bring the cables out as umbilical connection, through a brush plate and then plug directly into the AV equipment.

How we do it...


On plasterboard walls we usually fix to the metal or wooden vertical studs that are used in the construction of the wall, we always over-fix with lots of extra screws. 

For extra heavy equipment we also put some extra strengthening behind the TV to spread the load. 

In modern constructions we can cut a hole behind the TV and feed the cables vertically down to low level where the equipment will be, bear in mind that the studs are positioned so we can only go up and down and not across the inside of the wall. 

We finish the cables either with a wall plate or bring them out as an umbilical

Solid walls

On solid walls there are 3 options:

  • Chase the cables in the plaster and make good
  • Put up some surface mounted trunking
  • Or sometimes we can install the cables externally saving on any building work whatsoever

Chimney breasts

For unused chimney breasts we can drill through the front of the wall and can come out of the side of the chimney and drop the cables here. If it is in use we will have to put up surface trunking or chase in the plaster.


We can either supply all of the parts or we are happy to fit equipment you have supplied.