We install Satellite Dishes for Freesat and Sky as well as the distribution cabling for as many rooms as required, so  an extra feed from a dish or we complete systems that form part of an Integrated Reception System (IRS) in larger communial or commercial type installations.

Sky Distribution to other rooms 

If you want the SKY TV,  freesat or another source signal distributing to other rooms in the house rather than purchasing a multiroom system - fine we can do this as well. It means you have to share the same sky channel  or source through out every room that wants to watch the Sky channel or just watch any Terrestrial channel as long as you have a suitable aerial.  you can still control the box from any room and we can distribute it in Standard definition or High Definition (HDMI) as required.  We can Distribute DVD players or any source in the same way 

Extra cables and connections

If you need additional Dish cables or new LNB's ( the bit on the fron the on the dish the cables connect to),  alteration to existing cables we are happy to complete these jobs as well. 

We have  have all the digital testing equipment  to make sure you dish is locked on perfectly to the satellite. 

Sky Subscriptions 

We can supply Sky subscription packages just the same as you see on the sky website – you still sign up with Sky - we just do the paperwork for you and complete the job via the SKY buddy Scheme.

We do charge for the installation is the only difference.  Where we can be very competitive is we install all the phone cables and network connections at the same time,  so you are setup with everything in one go.  – If you already have all the boxes,  no problem we hook all this up to new cables.

Satellite and TV support for Maintenance  - We have a track record of providing support for maintenance or housing & commercial management companies who wish to subcontract specialist services such as Satellite & TV engineering services.